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Welcome to Bristol Waste Management, one of the trade waste companies currently operating at the forefront of the industry in the South West/Bristol area. If you’re looking for information about the services that BWM provide then hopefully our website will answer all of your questions. However, if there’s anything else you’d like to know, or you’re interested in utilising our services, then please call us at 0117 369 1099.

Whether you call them dumpsters or containers, and whatever your waste management needs, Bristol Waste Management can supply the right container for your needs.

Let Bristol Waste Management show you what you have been missing.

We can deliver yard miniature containers up to 40 yards, or full-sized trash compactors to any region of the South West. We work beside you to determine the ideal sizes and kinds of containers or compactors and configuration depending on the space available and also the quantity of waste your company generates.

Generally, dumpster service is convenient for customers who generate larger quantities of garbage, one time or continuously, or who manage food-related establishments.

All containers are placed in safe, protected locations so clients may enjoy a hassle-free experience. Our dedication to security includes the security of our clients. We don’t want you pushing bulky garbage dumpsters around.

Please call 24 hours ahead of time to program container delivery, pick up or removal.

When you’ve limited or confined space, you may need a miniature rubbish container for easy manoeuvrability and minimal space consumption. Miniature containers might be loaded with all kinds of non-hazardous materials and are most often used on job sites in big quantities for construction debris removal.

Bristol Waste Management offers garbage dumpster services for businesses that decide to store their rubbish and recycling in waste receptacles. Bigger rolloff containers can be strategically placed on job sites when space and place aren’t an issue.

Compactors come in a variety of sizes and can be installed on site for garbage, cardboard or alternative recycling needs. We have self-contained compactors along with stationary compactors with external casing. Custom manufacturing decks can be assembled to fit various sites and loading docks.

No demolition or construction materials are permitted in compactors. Contact us today for more information or to purchase your containers.

Bristol Waste Management also offers baling machine rental and leasing plans. If your company wants an on-site baling machine, Bristol Waste Management can supply you with one to fit your baling ability as well as provide strapping wire.

We always use and maintain premium quality metal trash containers which are free from rotting, escapes and odours. We take pride in the look and functioning of all of our containers and maintain them to perform at their best.

Located on-site, we’ve got a container shop in which we maintain all our back-load and roll-off containers. Our seasoned team of welders and painters is effective at performing all kinds of maintenance to containers to ensure our containers stay safe and looking their best.

Contact us on 0117 369 1099 today for more information.

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