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Clinical Waste Management Bristol

Ever wondered what happens to the waste healthcare services make? They heal us, save our lives, make sure we live longer healthier lives. But, are they protecting the environment the same way they do us? 

With Waste company as their waste management provider, the answer is a resounding yes. They do. Waste company handles all the clinical waste management all healthcare services providers need in Bristol.

What is clinical waste?

So, what exactly is clinical waste? Clinical waste is any waste is any waste that is produced through healthcare services, either medical, pharmaceutical, dental, nursing homes, etc. It has the potential of causing harm to humans and the environment such as infections, injuries, soil and water contamination and mayaslo be considered offensive on account of how it looks. The waste could be human tissue, needles, blood soaked bandages, adult diapers, pads and so on and so forth.

According to the WHO, only about 15% of clinical waste is considered hazardous. The rest of the 85% is a general, non hazardous clinical waste. However, it still needs to be disposed of with great care. 

Types of Clinical Waste

There are 8 types of clinical waste namely:

Infectious waste: This is usually waste consisting of bodily fluids and blood such as bandages, swabs, disposable medical equipment,  and waste from patients with infectious diseases. 

Radio-active waste: Radioactive waste is all the waste contaminated with radioactive agents, radiotherapeutic materials such as Xrays.

Non hazardous waste: This is the kind of waste that does not cause life threatening harm to humans and very little to the environment. It is usually referred to as general waste.

Cytotoxic waste: This kind of waste is usually highly hazardous. It can impair, injure or kill cells in humans and cause death, it’s usually waste that results from cancer treatments.

Pharmaceutical waste: This is all the waste from pharmaceuticals. It is expired waste, or unused. Examples of this waste are vaccines, hazardous drugs, narcotics, vitamins and supplements.

Chemical waste: This is waste from harmful chemicals used in healthcare services. They’re sterilizers, disinfectants, and medical devices containing heavy elements such as mercury.

Sharps waste: This type of waste is syringes, scalpels and blades. 

How is Clinical Waste Managed

There are certain regulations and guidelines set in place to ensure the correct disposal of clinical waste. To ensure proper clinical waste collection and disposal, Waste company is your best bet. With over 35 years of experience handling clinical waste we have gained extensive knowledge in clinical waste management. We have all the know-how of compliance issues and a zero landfill policy which means none of our waste goes to landfills. 

Clinical Waste Collection

Waste company can offer your company highly professional clinical waste management starting from collection. We are discrete, have unparalleled knowledge in clinical waste management. We know what it takes to handle clinical waste and are always happy to help your company adhere to hazardous waste management regulations. We are available 24/7 and can cater to all of your clinical waste needs. 

We also can offer you free skip bags and bins to dispose of your medical waste.

Clinical Waste Disposal

Disposing of clinical waste is delicate work and needs people with certain expertise. Not only that, you need a waste company that is compliant of the regulations set in place. We will dispose of your waste by:

Thermal treatment: This kind of waste disposal method uses high temperatures to destroy the waste. The process is controlled so that harmful gases due to the burning do not penetrate the atmosphere. This end product can be used as gas and electric power or heat. 

Covid-19 Waste Disposal

We also offer a range of services for covid-19 testing kits and ppe disposal. We can provide you with clear plastic bags and wheelie bins to collect your waste for free. All you have to do is call us and arrange a pickup at a time suitable to you.

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