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Commercial Waste Management Bath

In the county of Somerset, Bath is the largest city. Originally built by the Romans as a thermal spa, hence the name Bath, it has since grown to be one of the elegant and quaint places in Britain with stunning architecture. In 1987, the city became a world heritage site. When it comes to commerce, the city is bustling with small businesses such as pubs and restaurants. Bath offers excellent shopping, dining, and cafes that are unique to the area. Atop that, it has amazing landscapes that offer the citizens unique views and fresh air.

To keep these amazing places as clean, environmentally friendly and as inviting as possible, waste management needs to be a top priority for businesses and citizens alike. For businesses, this is their duty of care. The waste management services provided by Bristol Waste Management are available to Bath-based businesses at low costs. Simply give us a call today and enjoy benefits such as:

  1. Obtaining a free waste bin, delivered to your premises for free
  2. Having your own personal waste manager to talk to directly anytime of the day
  3. An obligation free quote offering you the best price
  4. Flexibility when it comes to collection schedule

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Commercial Waste Collection Bath

The ancient landmarks of Bath are a popular attraction for tourists every day. It’s no wonder why it is bustling with all kinds of businesses. However, this means that businesses in Bath produce a great deal of waste, making the management of this waste by a dependable and skilled waste management company essential to keeping Bath businesses waste-free and reducing the carbon footprint of Bath businesses. If this sounds like your businesses and you are about keeping Bath’s environment  clean, give us a call right away. 

Whether you run one of the top-end boutiques, fine dining restaurants or one of the homely coffee shops, you can depend on Bristol Waste Company to manage your waste. Our company provides waste collection services to a variety of industries, including manufacturing companies, art galleries, schools, independent coffee shops, and everything in between. You can relax and focus on running your business knowing your company’s waste is being handled by professionals.  Talk to us today. We deliver on-time, are trustworthy, and provide efficient service always. We are devoted to serving our clients’ changing demands while also encouraging long-term recycling.

Commercial Waste Disposal Bath

It is our goal to provide our customers with a ‘zero waste to landfill’ solution and to ensure the waste we collect for disposal is processed in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way possible. This could be via recycling, anaerobic digestion for food waste and other organic waste, and thermal incineration for hazardous and toxic waste. The waste we dispose of is:

  • Food waste: 
  • Glass waste
  • Paper and cardboard waste
  • Clinical waste
  • Sanitary waste
  • Dry mixed recycling
  • WEEE waste

Our services are complemented with waste bins because without the bins, there is no effective waste management and disposal solutions. Taking care of our customers’ needs and ensuring their satisfaction is our priority. In our role as responsible and regulated waste solutions, we recycle up to 95% of the rubbish we collect.

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