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Facts About Trade Waste Collection Bristol

Trade waste collection can be a really confusing aspect of conducting a successful business enterprise.  Many organizations are unsure about what to expect from their waste control supplier and so in this informative article, we’ll provide you with a few helpful facts about trade waste collection.

1. Every single hour in england, the country produces enough waste to fill up the whole albert hall.  Most this being commerce waste in desperate need of collection.

2. In London especially, the city generates enough commerce waste to fill over 1,500 olympic sized swimming pools every year.  If you take into account the town ‘s growth in population, businesses, and the consequential waste generation coupled with the town ‘s low prices rates then the issue becomes a lot clearer.

3. Around 70% of all commercial waste generated by businesses in the United Kingdom can be recycled.  But unfortunately, the vast majority of trade waste remains sent to landfill and not recycled in excellent britain.  What makes this fact even more staggering is that businesses can actually save money through recycling their waste and are literally throwing money down the drain when sending recycled waste material to landfill.  You can read more about this here.

4. Nearly 50 million tonnes of waste electronic and electrical equipment (weee) is lost in the united kingdom.  If this was laid from one end of each item to another then this would get to the moon three times over.  Whatsmore is that around a quarter of it is actually still working and could be reused.

5. In fact, the majority of laptops produced are never recycled and wind up scrapped.  If businesses were to recycle a total of 1 million laptops rather than leaving it to be taken to landfill from trade waste collection services then we would save enough electricity to electricity around 3,600 homes.

6. Around 70% of the waste generated by offices consists of paper materials.  This is why we highly recommend a dry-mixed recycling service to match with your overall waste collection service provided by your waste management firm.  This will assist your company reach its recycling rates and help you save money down the line.

7. This fact may sound fairly unbelievable but both metal and glass can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing its quality.  The material of the two is 100% recyclable as long as it is cleaned from contamination instead of physically lost during the procedure.  But shockingly, six billion glass bottles and jars are thrown away rather than recycled each year.if you require help with your trade waste collection then get in contact with our specialist team today who will provide advice and also a free quote upon request.  Simply fill in the quick and easy quote form below to receive a free quote. 

Our Waste disposal Services Bristol

We operate in partnership with facilities managers to deliver effective waste management collection and disposal services.  Whether you’re looking for additional aid, or complete control of your waste, we can help!

Our support is based nationwide, together with our seasoned team capable of dealing with all different kinds of industrial waste from hazardous substances, to recyclable goods, food waste bulky things and chemicals.  We regularly work with companies of all sizes to produce efficient waste collection and disposal that reduces your costs, improves your business efficiency and also your environmental impact.  With growing concerns concerning the environment, it’s key that companies are taking steps to better their green credentials.  We’ll help you to minimise your carbon footprint through effective recycling and responsible waste management procedures.

Generally, most industrial centers create numerous waste products if that’s cardboard, food, metal, plastic or even electronic waste.  We’re capable and totally compliant with uk law to handle the disposal and collection of different waste.

We offer a totally transparent service every step of the way, which ‘s why we supply all our customers with exclusive access to this circle 360 squander portal.  Here, you can access info, recycling analytics, waste transfer notes and a multitude of additional features relating to your waste.  Our reputation was constructed of honesty, and we wish to keep it like that.

The first step in organizing facilities management services for waste disposal and collection is to organize a complimentary audit, this enables us to understand the problems you face with your industrial waste and the way we can effectively set up procedures to ensure maximum operation.  After we’ve completed our three-section auditwe’ll supply you with the best potential solution and a plan of action moving forward.

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