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Fly Tipping Waste Removal

Fly-tipping isn’t simply a nuisance, it’s also illegal and incredibly harmful to the environment.  Dealing with it may be a trying task. Fortunately, we have extensive experience resolving fly-tipping episodes for our blue-chip business clients.  We’re exactly the ideal business to help with all aspects of fly-tipping, from recording events with our ‘flymapper’ program, managing the cleanup of fly-tipped waste in a safe and lawful way, and providing tools and consultancy to stop fly-tipping later on.

We pride ourselves on being the fly-tipping pros. Licenced and compliant.

How Does Fly-tipping occur?

Fly-tipping can occur in many ways, from a member of the people dumping a bag, to an illegally operating waste company tipping a lorry load of waste.  That’s why we offer a scalable company, supplying a fly-tipping squander response for pathways, roadsides, neighbourhood problem sites, and private land.  In some cases, fly-tipped waste may consist of hazardous substances, such as liquids, and thus our licensed waste removal expands to hazardous waste cleanup.

 In addition, we work closely with national organisations to handle ongoing fly-tipping incidents.  Our partnerships with these businesses will enhance waste management and minimise the quantity of fly-tipped waste in the United Kingdom.

 The waste company ‘flymapper’ app

Flymapper is the federal fly-tipping recording and monitoring system for local governments in Wales, and is currently available to public bodies and private organisations in England.  Flymapper comprises a mobile program, flymapper cellphone, and a web application, flymapper web.

 Flymapper mobile downloads onto most mobile devices and allows fly-tipping episodes to be quickly recorded and photographed in the field.  It’s possible to see and edit existing events, which then automatically synchronise with flymapper web and allow full editing, evaluation, and reporting of events.

Improving an event, supplying details, and organising a quotation can be time-consuming and frustrating!  Our new program allows you to rapidly record and submit an episode, with the information automatically reported to Defra.  The coverage can help you to build a picture of events, with the intent of identifying preventative measures:

GPS place software zeroes in on the specific position

>offline mapping and place plotting for when you don’t have a GPS signal

>you can record an incident in under a minute!

> Add up to 4 photos together with your phone camera or saved photographs >record an event offline and the episode will be submitted as soon as you’ve got service

>amend and upgrade incidents

>adjust the mapping location of your event

>produce incident reports 

>simple episode type choice using defra categories

>transmits the information to defra for reporting functions 

>we can report on agreed slas in the time the episode had been recorded to the clearance of this incident

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