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Food Waste Collection Bristol

Are you looking for an eco friendly and cost effective waste removal company in Bristol? Then look no further, Waste company has all the right tools, man-power and experience to handle your waste in an environmentally friendly way. We aim to ship as small as possible to landfill and are determined to recycle as much waste as possible. We also tailor our food waste collection to your time needs. So, whatever your food waste collection needs, Waste company is your best bet.

What is Food Waste?

Food waste is all food that is to be discarded . It could be anything from leftovers from customers if you own an eatery or a restaurant, it could be vegetable peels, food that went stale or bruised fruit and vegetables. Most restaurants, shops, hotels, bakeries and other food selling or serving places will have a surplus of food that ends up going into waste. Fortunately, this can be avoided by usage of some effective methods we have observed over time.

How to reduce food waste?

Food waste reduction is not an impossible thing to do. The biggest trick might be breaking the habit of buying more food than we need.  As a business, reducing food waste will not only save the environment, it will save your business some money. Here’s how:

  • Try to limit your stoc take to the exact amounts your business needs. This will help avoid having excess food leftovers or food going stale. 
  • Practise correct storage methods. Another big contributor to food waste is the incorrect storage methods. Deep freeze food that can be frozen. Keep your dry food storage areas clean and dry . Storing foods under correct conditions help with food longevity and prevents spoils.
  • Another important thing is temperature control. This helps control the harmful bacterial growth that causes food to spoil. Some foods need to be stored in high temperatures. Keep checking that the temperature does not drop or go higher up than it should. 
  • Keep track of use by dates and have constant rotational inventory where you check use by dates, if there are no leaks on packages and mind portion control. 
  • Sometimes, it’s impossible to not have food leftovers. So instead of throwing them away, consider donating to charities or giving them to homeless people.

What happens to food waste?

Food waste is collected and sent to recycling centres. There, it is turned into energy and fertilizer by putting into an anaerobic digester. The term “anaerobic” means absence of oxygen. The food is digested in big sealed tanks that do not have oxygen, hence the term anaerobic. This helps convert the food waste into biogas or biofertilizers. This biogas can in turn be used to fuel cars, produce heat, and electricity. 

So by recycling your food waste, you’d be helping power up your city in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Why should you not send food waste to a landfill?

Food in landfills can break down because it is biodegradable. However, sending food into the landfill may cause harmful gases like methane to be released into the atmosphere and contribute to the global warming pandemic. Fun fact, methane is  25 times more damaging to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. 

At Waste company, we have a zero landfill policy. We try and recycle all the waste we collect. We also offer free bins, free and obligation free quotes, and a waste transfer note for your record for your record to keep.

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