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Zero Waste Week Bristol

Since 2008, zero waste week has been taking over the first week of September in an attempt to reduce residential and industrial waste, reuse materials and recycle as much as you can.  In these last 12 decades, zero waste week has amassed a global following, upwards of 56 million individuals globally.  But how do you be one of these 56 million in 2020?

Taking place this year between the 7th and the 11th of September, the zero waste week site features ideas aplenty of how you can reduce the amount that you waste, not only during zero waste week but throughout the whole year.  But fear not, this doesn’t mean that you have to change yourself into a fully-fledged eco-warrior overnight; these are all comparatively tiny changes that you can create each and every day which will have an enormous effect if all of us get involved.

Get involved With Zero Waste Week

Reusing everyday things is a simple and efficient means to reduce our frustrations which can also have a positive effect on our pockets too.  Zero waste week’s site suggests purchasing a reusable drinks bottle and filling it up in home or work.  This not only means that you’re saving money by not purchasing bottled water every day, but in addition, it will help to reduce the rising numbers of single-use plastic bottles (where they’re some 7.7 billion annually ). In a similar vein, you can also reuse old ice cream, margarine or prepared meal containers for storing food in the freezer instead of purchasing plastic tubs for the particular function.  

For more ideas on measures you can take to reuse household products, then have a look at the United Kingdom section of this zero waste site.  This page also has some interesting information about the misconceptions around recycling. You can also take part in virtually no waste week on the internet by after their social networking accounts or posting your ideas and success stories using the #zerowasteweek hashtag. This will undoubtedly be a fantastic forum for ideas and for connecting with like-minded people who can continue to inspire you to lower your waste annually round. You may think it odd that as a waste management company, the Waste company are capable of zero waste week when in actuality, we share many of the same motives and finish goals.  Specifically, waste companies strive to boost recycling rates, reduce landfill waste and promote a round economy in our regular operations.

Reducing Your Waste With Waste Company

Waste company would be the UK’s biggest rubbish clearance and removal service which means that we get to see much of the nation’s waste up close and first hand.  With recycling in mind, we’re proud of our diversion from landfill prices, which can be over 95% throughout the nation and above 98% in and around London.  This percentage is the amount of waste company accumulated waste that’s taken to one of our 600 trusted waste transfer stations and either recycled or reused. From bulky things such as sofas and mattresses, all of the way down into smaller family products, we make sure that you as the customer are always conscious of where your waste ends up and how much of it is recycled.  

Digital Waste Transfer Note

Once we have taken your waste and unwanted things to your destination, we’ll supply you with a digital waste transfer note which details precisely which local waste transfer station that is.the waste transfer notice will also describe the contents of this collection and also the recycling/diversion from landfill speed of the collection so that you can be sure that as much of your waste as possible has been recycled or reused not only during no squander week, but during every week of this year.

Waste Collection Bristol

The manner in which Waste company collects your waste was made to be environmentally friendly and pro-planet.  Our trash removal vans are produced using ultra-light chassis which are 300kg lighter than comparable vehicles.  This not only lowers the fuel consumption of our services but raises the amount of waste which we may carry.  In addition to this, we have over 100 vans situated across the county, which means that our average journey for rubbish removal tasks will be less than 15 mph journey. Not only might we reduce our carbon emissions with our ultra-light vehicles and shorter journeys, but we cancel them completely via our reforestation project which has planted 19,674 trees because 2013.  Not only do our woods mitigate flooding dangers and function as a wildlife preserve, but they’ve canceled 1,886 tonnes of co2.  

All means that you can have confidence in Waste company during zero waste week and annually round. removing crap (and diminishing waste).  It’s exactly what we do.

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